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The watch is ordered

I ordered an Apple Watch last night. I stayed up until midnight and was one of the first to place an order. I have serious doubts about it and see it as the biggest gamble Apple has made since the iPod. On the other hand, it could be a game changer with regards to emerging media.

The Apple Watch is about telling time the same way my iPhone is about being a telephone.

Apple LogoApple knows a thing or two about hype but I think nothing compares to this watch. For years before they even admitted they were working on a watch, people were expecting it. So much so that Samsung rushed to market with their version of a smart watch.

I’ve read what the experts have said. They hate, they love it.

Do people wear watches still? I wonder if people will really buy it. I have a very nice Tag Heuer but I don’t really wear it. My iPhone has a clock, my computer has a clock. In fact, at any given moment, I can probably see 2 clocks easier than  I could look at my watch. What I think though is that the Apple Watch is about telling time the same way my iPhone is about being a telephone.

What I wonder is if the watch will prove to be a more personal way to communicate. If so, it’s a marketer’s dream. I do a lot of mass Apple Watchcommunication projects. Emails that go to tens of thousands and social media posts with even larger audiences. But some communication is best done smaller and I’d love for it to be more personal. I’d love to be able to tap my customer on the wrist and say that I have something for them.

Launch is the first step for the Apple Watch.

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2 thoughts on “The watch is ordered

  1. I still wear a watch because I’ve found that glancing at my wrist is less disruptive to conversation than whipping out my phone to look at the screen. Plus, considering how many people are terrible about allowing their phones to disrupt meetings and distract them, having “just” a watch sometimes means I am a positive anomaly in meetings.

    That said, the nature of the Apple Watch means that, as you said, it won’t be about telling time and my reasons for wearing a watch won’t apply. Plus, it will have all the distraction features of a smartphone, only I wouldn’t be silencing it and sticking it in my purse when I want to give an activity my full attention. I’m not sure what I think of that yet, but like you, I’m looking forward to seeing how the Apple Watch works.

  2. I love watches and I really think that brands are becoming more invasive. It seems like devices are created to look good but pry in some kind of way. On the contrary, these devices are convenient and take up less space.

    Do you own a tech watch?

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