Ron J. Miller

Ron lives in Portland with his beautiful wife of 25 years and a border collie who is about to turn 20.

He has a bachelors degree from Oregon State University, in graphic design with a minor in broadcast media. He has worked in marketing communications for 25 years with the longest stint being 11 years at Chicago-based Fortune 500, RR Donnelley. There he managed integrated marketing communications for the billion dollar telecommunications business unit. In that role, Ron got to work on some cool early Web development projects. He worked on the first online Yellow Pages (in partnership with Bell Atlantic). While working on that, his team, in conjunction with Donnelley Cartographic Services, came up with MapQuest. From there, he worked on the development of a small business advertising engine and built e-commerce stores for LLBean, JC Penney and Neiman Marcus. A lot of the online shopping and browsing experiences that are common today were developed by his team.

Ron built his first “webpage” for a client on America Online in 1991. In 1996, he got involved with a social media site developed in partnership with the MIT Media Lab. It was called FireFly. He worked on the first iPhone, not the one you carry in your pocket but one that was an Internet appliance you connected to your phone line. Cisco bought it and then later settled a trademark infringement lawsuit with Apple. He still has a couple of them…saving them for a museum one day.

Today, Ron manages the marketing for Peachworks, a SaaS company that builds restaurant management technology. They are a virtual company and he works from home.

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